Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why would scribbledideas be interesting to read?

I started scribbledideas to better engage in the global discussion that is the internet. I hope to use this forum to post thoughts and information on some of my professional activities, solicit feedback from consumers of technology I have a hand in at my day job, and perhaps throw out an occasional review of a good cigar or perhaps even a good scotch.

For the most part these days, my development efforts focus on Eclipse or Eclipse-based commercial products produced by IBM. In the open source arena, my most recent contribution is the Common Navigator Framework, but before that I had a hand in many of the visceral frameworks in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) relating to project structuring, EMF model management, and J2EE tooling. Currently, I am one of several IBM committers to the new Eclipse Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Tools Platform.

I've been a Java developer for about seven years in various domains from assembly line management software, to enterprise Business to Business communcations, to Eclipse-based desktop software. My interests these days are in the design of solid, robust Application Programming Interfaces (API) and encapsulated, evolveable frameworks.

As an undergrad, I participated in several student research competitions, including taking First Place in the ACM/SIGCSE International Student Research Competition, twice (2001 and 2003); and First (2001) and Third (2003) respectively in the ACM Grand Finals International Student Research competitions. I was fortunate to be able to particpate in these activities as part of the research group run by my undergrad advisor, Hayden S. Porter, of Furman University, where I received a B.S. in Computer Science in 2003. Currently, I am pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science part time from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

My outside interests (as I alluded to before) center around watching boxing, fine bourbon or scotch, and cigars. I also like grilling meat over fire and cooking. Of course, these activities are always enhanced with good music or if carried out at fine restaurants, jazz clubs or cigar cafes.

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